International Society of Primerus Law Firms
February 19-22, 2020
St. Pete Beach, Florida
The Tradewinds
2020 Primerus Personal Injury Institute
Winter Conference

February 19-22, 2020
Primerus Personal Injury Institute Winter Conference
The Tradewinds

Earn up to 8 hours of CLE credit

$1,999 Member Registration Fee
$1,599 Second Member Registration Fee
$1,199 Young Lawyer Registration Fee
$549 Spouse/Guest Fee

Why You Should Attend

The MMM Concept for Success: Make it Mindful, Memorable, and Meaningful

Searching for an interesting and interactive way to enhance your litigation strategies and skills? Join nationally recognized trial consultant and recent President of the American Society of Trial Consultants, Patricia Kuehn for a 3-day journey on how to harness the power of litigation persuasion and psychology through the MMM Concept. Make it mindful, memorable, and meaningful.

The most successful verdicts and settlements stem from passionate, motivated, or moved fact finder(s), regardless of who that is. How to elicit that response is a critical question for attorneys to ask. An over simplified answer: making the case meaningful to the judge, mediator, or jurors, motivates them to act on your clients’ behalf. So, what does it take for a case to be meaningful to the factfinder? In this 3-day program you will discover what it takes. Not only will you learn about litigation persuasion, psychology and decision making through the MMM concepts, but also how to apply them to optimize your success.

Some of what you can expect to learn is:

  • The science behind each of the 3 Ms and how understanding them matters in litigation
  • Practical take-a-ways for applying each of the MMM concepts
  • Tips and tools for effective persuasion
  • Ways to boost non-economic damages
  • How to improve a settlement through trial ready preparation
  • General understanding of how memory works and its critical role in litigation persuasion
  • Tips and techniques for guiding the factfinder’s memory for retrieval
  • Tools for improved communication-for your witnesses and you
  • How to create a value driven theme and story
  • Current trends in Trump times


Patricia (Patty) Kuehn, J.D., M.A. is a national litigation consultant judicially qualified as an expert in small-group decision making. Since 1993 she has observed, studied and interacted with over 10,000 jury eligible citizens about litigation issues. Ms. Kuehn holds a Master’s degree in Social Psychology with emphasis on jury behavior and a J.D.

Her trial consulting practice concentrates on factfinder decision making, attorney education, and strategic jury selection. For example, she advises clients on persuasive negotiation tactics applicable for settlement of trial. She also provides strategies to enhance juror understanding and to satisfy juror expectations bringing about optimal results.

Attorneys regularly engage Ms. Kuehn to conduct mock jury research, collaborate on witness preparation, advise about courtroom persuasion, and assist with strategic jury selection. Ms. Kuehn serves as an active member of the American Society of Trial Consultants and recently as its President. Her trial consulting practice is based in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Fun in the Sun

In addition to the incredible program to be put on by Patty Kuehn, the Tradewinds Resort has several other amenities that we hope you are able to take advantage of during your stay.

Activities Scheduled by Primerus

Poolside with Patricia Kuehn: Friday, February 22, all attendees are invited to join us poolside to enjoy a time of networking, cocktails, snacks and sun!

Group Dinners have been arranged at three different on-site restaurants; RumFish Grill, Palm Court Italian Grill, and Bermudas Steak & Seafood.

Activities Available at the Tradewinds

JetLev Flyer: Soar up to 30 feet in the air above the Gulf Coast with a water jet pack rental

The Floating Water Park: Play at a 15,750-square-foot floating ocean water park

High Tide Slide: Zip down a three-story, 200-foot-long inflatable slide located on the beach

The Extreme Zone: Combine the fun of a trampoline with the thrill of bungee jumping

Water recreation: Snorkel, dive, kayak … here, water recreation takes on new meaning

Click here to see a full list of activities.

Amenities Included

  • Daily cushioned beach cabana for two. Learn how to reserve your cabana.
  • Unlimited rides on Island Grand’s waterway paddleboats
  • Beach Walks
  • Fishing Forums
  • Campfire S’Mores (weather dependent)
  • Sea Turtle Talk expeditions
  • Complimentary Yogafit classes
  • Tennis court access with times
  • Beach games, like paddleball, bocce ball and corn hole
  • Unlimited access to both resort’s seven swimming pools
  • Dive-In Movies
  • Pool towels

Click here to see a full list of amenities.


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